Kazakh language is a beatiful. 6 - form

8 қараша 2015 - Bibigul Sabitaeva
Kazakh language is a beatiful.   6 - form

Тақырып: « Kazakh language is a beatiful»

5-6 forms 25.09.2015

Мақсаты: Оқушыларды ана тілін құрметтеуге, өз ана тілімен қатар орыс ағылшын тілін үйретуге баулу, ана тілі, орыс тілі және де ағылшын тілінің айырмашылығын білу. Оқушыларға үш тілді білу міндетті екенін түсіндіру

Көрнекіліктер: ҚР елтаңбасы, слайд, әр турлі түсті суреттер

Сайыс сабағымызға 3 топ қатысады: 1-қазақ, 2- орыс, 3- ағылшын.

T: Good morning dear friends! I’m glad to see you. How are you today? I think everything is well. Are you ready to start our lesson?

Boys and girls I want to ask you some questions.

— What country do you live in?

— Do you love our country?

— Where is Kazakhstan situated?

— What is the area of Kazakhstan?

— What is the population of Kazakhstan?

— What is the official name of Kazakhstan?

— Who is the president of Kazakhstan?

— Name the capital of Kazakhstan?

— What is the official language of Kazakhstan?

— What is Russian?

T: I’m happy to hear these beautiful answers! It seems to me you must be real citizens of our independent Motherland. I want to address you with such words: beautiful and generous is our native land. Love, respect and take care of our country.

Do you know any poem about our Motherland?

P:The land of my fathers, the land of my choice.

The land in which poets and minstrels rejoice.

I wish you to flourish, be happy and bright.

I want you to live and never to die!

Пусть небо будет чистым над тобой

Цвети мой Казахстан, моя земля

О, Родина моя, будь счастлива всегда!

T: Good! For the beginning we are going to speak about Kazakhstan.

P1- The Republic of Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia. The area of Kazakhstan is about 3 mln square km. It’s population is about 16 mln people. The population lives mostly in cities and towns.

P2- Kazakhstan Is an extremely beautiful country/ There are the majestic Zailiysky Alatau Mountains, the beautiful lakes and rivers: the Irttysh, the Syrdaria, and Amurdaria, Aral sea and Kaspian sea and the endless steppes.

P3- There are a lot of picturesque places like Kolzhai, Bayanaul and others. Borovoe – is one of the natural miracles of the planet.

P4- Kazakh is the official language of the country. Russian and other languages are spoken here too. Kazakhstan is multinational country.

P5- Kazakhstan borders China, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzia. There is a long border cost line on the Caspian sea. There are a few rivers and lakes in Kazakhstan.

P6- The flora and fauna of the country are different. They depend on the climate of the country. They are richer in the south and poorer in the north. The climate of Kazakhstan is strongly continental. It is cold in winter and hot in summer.

Are Almaty, Karaganda, Shimkent, Astana……

T: I hope everybody has revised geographical material and has listened to the information properly. Now get ready for the testing.


1. Kazakhstan is situated in the …

a). Central Asia

b). America

c). Russia

2. The population of Kazakhstan is:

a). 140 mln. people

b). 15 mln. people

c). 16 mln. people

3. The head of the state is:

a). king

b). president

c). minister

4. ….is the official language of the republic

a). Russianb). Kazakhc). English

5. The capital of Kazakhstan is:

a). Astanab). Almatyc). Karaganda

6. Kazakhstan borders:

a). Ukraine

b).Russian Federation

c). England

7. The colors of flag of Kazakhstan are:

a). Blue and white

b). Blue and red

c). Blue and yellow

8. Astana became the capital in:

a). 1988b), 2010c). 1997

9. The symbol of Kazakhstan is:

a). Snow leopard

b). Eagle

c). Crocodile

10. …is the national money.

a). Rubleb). Tengec). Dollar

T: Now we are going to speak about the capital of our Motherland – Astana.

It’s difficult to describe Astana in a few words, and it’s difficult to see all the sightseeing in Astana. It is the center of political, cultural and financial life of our country. The beautiful buildings, theaters, museums, cinemas, hotels, monuments are situated there. Residence of the President, the Parliament and the government are located here.

T: We’ll work in groups. There are 3 groups in the class. 1 group will tell us about Astana, second about places of interest of Astana and the third one about national holidays.

Now pupils, our competition is over, today! You are very well! I am very glad today! Thank you very much! Good Bye!!!

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