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Lesson # 42

Date:                                                                                       Form  9  A,B, V

Theme: Virtual Tourism

Objectives:  1. To practice conditionals and develop strategies to match project presentation

                          2. Video  Comprehension.

                         3. Speaking Comprehension.  Discussion.

 Type of the Lesson:  Consolidation

Form of the Lesson: Interaction

  Supplies: CD, Active Board


I. Warm up.        Motivation.         Slide # 1                                                   / 3/                                                                                                                           

A.        BrainstormingWhy do people go on holiday?(have a rest, meet new people, places, countries, discover new cultures and traditions, learn new things and enjoy life and survive  new experiences, lie on the beach, swim in the oceans or seas, dive into the beautiful coral reefs, improve English, try local delicious food, have a massage and health spa services, do yoga, discover beautiful underwater world, enjoy life, try extreme activities )

         Sts tell their opinions about holidays and talk about their last holiday experience.


B.  Prediction.            Video of Holidays # 1                                                  /5/                                    

  Close your eyes and  imagine your paradise holiday location. Warm,  sunny  weather. Clear blue sea. Tall, palm trees. White,  sandy beaches.  Turquoise

 /                 / lagoons and colorful coral reefs.  Waves in the ocean and happy people enjoying  their holiday.

    You can find all this and more in the islands of the any oceans. These paradise island places are open whole year and English is spoken widely.  There are luxurious resorts on an uninhabited islands where you can stay in bungalows or hotels. The local food is absolutely delicious and they also offer international cuisine. You can chill out on the beach, relax with a massage at the health spa or enjoy dancing at nights. You can discover a beautiful underwater world of different kinds of coral and a lot of species of fish.  Canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, diving  and snorkeling are also available in many resorts. You can go dolphin watching or stay in the resort and work out in the gym, join in the beach volleyball, play badminton and tennis.

       Video of touristic advertisements.  What do you think which place is it? What do you think the climate is like? Why is it probably a good place for holiday? What activities is it good for?  Which  place of holiday is it? Where is it? What holiday do they offer?/passive or active /Would you like to go there? Why? Why not?


I.                   Homework   Students represent their group projects.                          /10/



II.                Presentation. Clustering  “ Adventure Holidays”    Slide # 2            /3/        

    Sts. fill in acluster “ Adventure holidays”  /bungee jumping, backpacking, BASE jumping, canoeing, camping, caving /a sport walking and climbing in caves/, extreme skiing/skiing down mountain slopes/, high lining, climbing, sailing, scuba diving, ski jumping, skydiving, snorkeling, snowboarding, surfing, safari, canyoning down a waterfall /activity of jumping into fast flowing mountain streams and being carried floating down the stream./,   verb: climb a mountain,dive into theriver, sea, go on a boat, horse, plane, yacht, adjectives: exhilarating, great fun, incredible, thrilling, awesome, brilliant, fantastic, expensive, polluted, polite, wonderful, great, a bit frightened, really scared, terrified,  /                                   

III.             Practice.  Video Discussion.     “Adventure sports”                            /10/ 

Now, we are going to watch  a video about some extreme sports. Are you tired  and stressed out? Do you need a break? Do you fancy some adrenalin  in your life? Put some adventure into your life!  Well, Scottish  and Victoria Falls Adventure Holiday is for you. They are the top adventure sport company in the world. They offer weekend, week-long expeditions and ten day trips  throughout the year. 

       Scotlandyou can see incredible wildlife and go sea-kayaking, sailing and see 50 wonderful dolphins in this area, they are really beautiful. Go climbing to Ben Nevis, (1,344m high) the highest mountain in Scotland with  amazing views from the top. Go canoeing  down the waterfall or white – water rafting. They have excellent instructors. Prices start at 200 pounds including transport and accommodation. 

      Victoria Falls – one of the natural wonders of the world and one of the largest waterfalls. They offer the most exciting adventure activities in the Victoria Falls area. For example you can fly an ultra light plane over the falls or enjoy world’s best white – water rafting on the amazing Zambezi River. You can see amazing wildlife such as elephants, hippos and lions. If you don’t mind heights, you can do the incredible bungee jump off  Victoria Falls Bridge. It is 111metre. If it’s too scary, you can go on a zip-line across the canyon – the views are spectacular. Prices range from 500- 1000 dollars. Include basic accommodation  and transport.

Video # 2

1.      What activities can you see?/doing a bungee jumping, canyoning down a waterfall, high lining /going on a zip line across the canyon/, flying an ultra -light plane over some waterfalls/

2.      How are the presenters feeling?/ exhilarating, awesome, brilliant, fantastic, incredible, great fun, crazy, brave, exciting, thrilling, a bit frightened, really scared, bored, terrified, awful, horrible, strange, amusing, petrified,   /

3.      What animals can you see in Scotland?/dolphins/. What is the highest mountain in Scotland?  /Ben Nevis/

4.      What animals can you see in Victoria Falls?/elephants, hippos, lions/

5.      Where can you bungee jump from?/Victoria Falls Bridge/


A.    Match the descriptions (1-6) with the people: man (M), woman (W)            /4/

B.     or both of them (B).

1.      thinks the atmosphere is amazing                       W

2.      does a sixty foot jump                                         M

3.      before it, doesn’t want to do the activity             B

4.      thinks the activity great fun afterwards               B

5.      decide not to do the jump                                    W


C.    Choose the best answer

1.      What is the young man’s job?

a)      to sell holidays

b)      to give directions

c)      to help students


2.      What does the older man want to do?

a)      something exciting

b)      bungee jumping

c)      extreme skiing


3.      How does the young man react to the situation?

a)      He is rude and unhelpful.

b)      He is surprised and amused.

c)      He is bored and irritated.


IV.             Students’ activity. Prediction   Project “Welcome to Kazakhstan”   /8/

Sts in groups make a presentation about holidays in KZ. The topics are Kokshetau, Mangystau and Almaty.  Your task is to attract Kazakhstani and foreign people to spend their holidays in your place of interest. Make your project as fantastic as possible.  Predict future plans about your holiday project.  /What would you like to offer?/ sightseeing historic places, adventure holiday, night life,  How is their holiday organized? Which activities are popular? What about accommodation? / hotel, hostel, tent, shelter, cottage etc/

V.                Evaluation                                                                                         /2/

VI.             Homework  LP p 61

VII.          Conclusion  Thank you for your incredible holiday presentation. I think in the future such kind of projects will be possible and come true. Let’s hope that our country will be one of the highly developed touristic places in the world.

Task # 1


D.    Match the descriptions (1-6) with the people: man (M), woman (W)or both of them (B).

6.      thinks the atmosphere is amazing                       W

7.      does a sixty foot jump                                         M

8.      before it, doesn’t want to do the activity             B

9.      thinks the activity great fun afterwards               B

10.  decide not to do the jump                                    W


Task # 2

E.     Choose the best answer

4.      What is the young man’s job?

d)     to sell holidays

e)      to give directions

f)       to help students


5.      What does the older man want to do?

d)     something exciting

e)      bungee jumping

f)       extreme skiing


6.      How does the young man react to the situation?

d)     He is rude and unhelpful.

e)      He is surprised and amused.

f)       He is bored and irritated.


Students’ Evaluation Chart



Slide 1


Video 1



Adventure sports

Video discussion

Tasks 1&2

Welcome to KZ
































































































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