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9 ақпан 2016 - Күлзия Есенқызы

Ибраева Улбосын Умурзаковна

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Date:                                                                                        Form  11 A,B

Theme:  English Speaking Countries

Objectives: 1. Presentation of  ESC and enlarge subject information

                     2. Proverb and Idiom  Practice

                     3. Writing practice

Type of the Lesson: Consolidation

Supplies: CD, Active Board


I. Warm up  Motivation Cluster. The subject of this lesson is ESC.              /5 / Which ESC do  you know? Why we call all of them ESC? /because before gaining their independence they were under British Empire, it means Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth the II is the head of these countries. Her power was represented by the Prime Ministers and the General Governors.  Today all of these countries are independent and has got their own government and head of the country. They have their own state building, history, culture, educational system and way of life.  

II. Homework  Sts’ Presentation of  ESC                                                         /12/

III. Presentation  Proverb Equivalents                                                           /8/

·        The main idea of this lesson is to help sts that have chosen English as their professional subject that’s why I have arranged this lesson absolutely with topics of  ESC, proverbs and idioms that come across in the National Testing.

·        And now we are going to develop our knowledge about proverbs and their Kazakh equivalents. How well do you know English proverbs?  If it is poor, you can improve proverbs by doing this exercise.  Your aim is to compare English and Russian proverbs.  There are a lot of jumbled proverbs to  match their Kazakh equivalents.  Let’s start. 

IV.  Idiom Practice                                                                                           /5/

·        It‘s time to enlarge your knowledge on English Idioms. I would like you tolook at the active board and match idioms with their synonyms.  The smiles will help you to understand the meaning of any of them, I guess.

V. Students’ activity    ESC Quiz                                                                     /5/

* I have prepared  some questions aboutESC. Let’s find out which of you reads much, is fond of interesting facts about countries and just owns information.

VI. Evaluation   Group leaders fill in a chart to evaluate their group mates.    /2/

VII. Homework  Learn Proverbs by heart

VIII. Conclusion  “ My further education” sts write essay about their             / 5/

future   profession.  The main idea is to answer the following question: Which profession are you interested in? Why have you chosen it? /your choice, parents’ or life demand / Which university do you prefer?  Why have you chosen this educational establishment?  How well are you ready to enter this university? Sts read their essays and discuss ideas about.

IX.           ReflectionSts write their opinion about lesson                                    /3/

·        In this point our lesson comes to its ending. I’m very pleased with you. Everybody did his best, I guess. Thank you for your cooperation and active participation. I hope you’ve got much information about ESC, Proverbs and Idioms. Good bye!






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