A shopping game

Plan of the lesson

Form: 3

Date: 12.12.2013

The theme of the lesson: “A shopping game”

The aims of the lesson: 1.To study the passed theme in the form of games.

2.Top develop pupils reading, writing, speaking habits and

Skills increase their knowledge and their knowledge and

Their outlook by doing various games exercises.

3.To bring up children to be healthy, educated, honest and

to respect their mother tongue and motherland.

The visual aids of the lesson: interactive board, colour papers, glue, filt – tip-pens and papers.

The outline of the lesson

1.Organization moment

2.Checking up the homework

3. Phonetic drill

4. Warm up

5. The presentation of new theme

6.Games with groups


8.Marking the pupils activity



1.Organization moment

Good afternoon dear children.

Good afternoon teacher.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What was your homework for today?

Our homework was for today to make up dialogues to the question.

What are you going to buy?

2. Checking up their homework. I will ask from the pupils their homework.

3.Warm up. I will show theme video slides and they have to repeat new words

The presentation of new theme.

a)New words

vegetable – көкенісwatermelon — қарбыз

fruit – жемісsweet – тәтті

wren – құрма bitter — ащы

beet – қызылша cucumber — қияр

radish – шалғам carrot – сәбіз

orange – апельсин egg plant — баклажан

mandarin – мандарин pine apple — ананас

turnip – тұрып kivi — киви

melon — қауынcabbage

– орамжапырақ

I will introduce them new words showing video slides and fruits and vegetables.

The presentation of the new theme

Dear children we have very interesting theme “ A shopping game”

Do you like games? Leas begin our game. I will ask from the pupils who wants to be a shop assistant?

A shop assistant will come to the blackboard and the customers come too

A shop assistant: Good morning.

Customer: Good morning

Shop ass.: Can I help you?

C: Yeas of course

C: Are there any bananas and oranges?

Sh. ass: Yes, there are

C: How much are they?

Sh. ass: They are 200hundred pens

C: Thank you good buy

So the others will go on the game

The next game is called

The Magic tree: I will explane the rules of the game

There are colour papers scissors glue and filt-tip-pens. We have two teams and they FRUITS and VEGETABLES. They have to draw a tree on the paper and to cut colour papers as fruits and vegetables and write their names and glue it on the tree. Which team have many fruits and vegetables that team will be winner. And on the top of the tree will one card. Winner team will open this card, and into the card is written their present.

The next game is called: who is sensible?

The captains will begin this game. I will tie up their eyes with head scarves and give them fruits or vegetables. They should find what is it and if their reply correct they will write it to the blackboard without any mistakes.

The next task is answer the questions. The pupils will read the questions from the blackboard and give short answer. Who finds correct answer I will give them presents.

Conclusion:Dear children we know that the first wealth is health. And fruits vegetables are very useful for our health, that’s why you should it many fruits and vegetables, not any crisps and sweets.

Marking.I will mark the pupils activity for the lesson.

Homework.Exercise1,2 on page 56 from the work book of

Way a head and to learn by heart new words.

Thank you for your attention. The lesson is over. Good bye

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