Hobbies and interests

11 қараша 2018 - Зайра Баянқұлқызы

·         Teacher organises group work on topic from the site www.buzzle.com. (G) Learners are divided into small groups of 3-4; and are given the instructions: surf the internet to find information on a given topic.  (if the Internet connection is not available, teacher can use information from Appendix 1). They should prepare mini-research poster.

·         (G) Learners work in the following directions and arrange information:

Group 1: Hobbies related to nature

Group 2: Observational Hobbies

Group 3: Health-related hobbies

Group 4: Hobbies related to Computers and Technology

·         (G) Learners distribute the roles in the group

Student 1 – timekeeper

Student 2 – researcher

Student 3 – designer

Student 4 – painter

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