"Train" 9 сыныпқа арналған сабақ жоспары

5 ақпан 2017 - Айгерім Ноғаева

The theme: Trains

Сабақтың мақсаты:
Білімділік: оқушылардың сөздік  қорын жаңа сөздер арқылы көбейту.
Дамытушылық: көру, есту жадыларын, сөйлеу мәдениетін дамыту.
Тәрбиелік: сабақ барысындағы белсендікке тәрбиелеу, пәнге деген қызығушылықтарын ояту

The method: explanation, group work, question-answer

The types: lesson by travelling

The visual aids: pictures, cards.

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment

А) Greeting              

В)Check up the home task

II. Phonetic drill               

I have a poem for you. Let's read it together.

We go, go, go           

By train, by ship, by car

We always want to know what's near and what's far

Farewell, farewell everything is going well

Comfortable seats

Everybody meets

In the South, in the West

Pleasant trip and all the best.

Checking up the home task: exercise 2. Make sentences as shown in the example

1.     The bus having only one floor is a single – decker.

2.     The bus _______ is a double — decker.

3.     The person _______ is a driver.

4.     The man ________ is a conductor.

5.     The man _________ is an inspector

Introduction of the new lesson

Teacher: Today I’d like to speak to you about travelling. We’ll learn some new words, we’ll read texts, answer the questions and do some exercises.

Warm-up: I think everybody likes travelling. So, during our lesson we’ll talk about travelling, means of transport, share and express opinions, and exchange ideas.

Teacher: Now, let’s check your home task. –What was your home task for today? Ok, your home work: exercise2. -Are you ready? –Who wants to read? Please….

So, I’d like you to answer the questions:

-Why do people travel?

-What are the reasons for travelling?

P1: People travel to discover new places.

P2: People travel to learn a language.

P3: People travel to see the sights.

P4: People travel to enjoy beautiful places.

P5: People travel to make new friends.

P6: People travel to discover different ways of life.

P7: People travel to see other countries and continents.

·         What means of transport do you know?

·         What are the most popular ways of travelling?

P1: The most popular ways of travelling are:- by plane

-by bus

-by train

-by bike

-by ship

-by car

-by taxi

-by motorbike

-by boat

-by tram

-on foot

Teacher: Now, students, do you like to travel? – Yes, we do.

·         Which of the transport do you prefer?

Now, divide these transports into 2 groups:

I group: The Orient Express

II group: High-speed trains

Exercise 1. Choose one kind of transport and complete the table.   

Transport ……





a. They are comfortable.

b. They usually come in time.

c. They are expensive.

d. They are often crowded.

e. You have to wait long.

f. They are quick.

g. It’s an enjoyable way to travel.

h. It’s a safe way to travel.















Write opposites

comfortable    uncomfortable

cheap              expensive

fast                  slow

safe                 danger

empty             crowded

clean               dirty


Exercise 4. Read the text and say what makes these trains popular. 


The 1st group   Text A

The 2nd group   Text B


Let’s  do the warm up  exercise !!!


Translate the words 

Brilliant [briljәnt] — жалтыраған

Express [iks’pres] – экспресс(поезд)

Technology [tek’nolәdзi] — технология

Restaurant [restro:n] — ресторан

Journalist [dзә:nәlist] — журналист

Maximum [maksimәm] — максимум

Company [kampәni] — компания

Politician [poli’tiʃәn] — саясатшы

Diplomat [diplәmat] — дипломат


These are the answers. Make questions. 

1.     Among the travelers of the train’s first journey in 1883 there were  members of European Royal Families.

2.     Politicians, diplomats, businessmen and other rich and famous people enjoyed travelling on the Orient Express. The Orient Express made its last journey in 1977. It had to stop because travelling by air became cheaper.

3.     Nowadays because of new technologies travelling by train became faster and more reliable. Several European countries are using high – speed trains. France, Germany and Britain.

4.     In France the top speed of TGV is 200, APT is 160, Transrapid is 250.



— I thank everybody for participating in the lesson. Well, dear students, I am satisfied with your work and now it’s high time to give you marks.


Giving home work: exercise 8. 


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