Менің бөлмем

Менің бөлмем

Grade:  5

Theme of the lesson:    My room

Aims:    To teach the pupils to describe their room in English;

To study the prepositions of place;

To fix construction There is / are;

 To consolidate vocabulary on «My flat»;

Expected results:            Pupils will be able to describe their own room using prepositions of place and constructions There is/are, enlarge their vocabulary

Activities &

Teaching Method           Group work, pair work, differentiation tasks, Do “Rooms of a house”, Worksheet “Objects in my room”

Resourses:         Учебник Аяпова 5 кл, интерактивная доска, мультимедийная презентация,

Дополнительные ресурсы с интернета: видео с сайтa  English Vocabulary – Prepositions, worksheet, assessment sheet

Stages  Teacher’s action              Pupil’s action

Organization moment   Good afternoon pupils! How are you today?


What is the weather like today?

What is the date today?

What date is it today?   — Good afternoon teacher!

-We are  very happy

To say hello to you!

-It’s cold.

It’s 22 nd of November

It’s Tuesday

Evocation stage               Warm up

1 Phonetic drill

[w]  -   wall, wardrobe, window, what

 [e]   -   bed, set, shelf

 [ð]   -   this, that, there is, there are                                

 [t]    -  table, carpet, computer, TV

 [ʧ]    -  chair, armchair, picture, kitchen     

2. Homework: rooms vocabulary

Well, and now look at the blackboard. You can see pictures of rooms. Try to guess these rooms. Please, tell me how name this room? And this? …

Give to pupils different rooms’ objects.

On the board there is a picture of a house. Ask one student to come up to the board stick the picture in one of the rooms. Then another pupil do the same.

It was control of room vocabulary

Control of homework – assess each other Put There is or There are

1… two chairs in my  room

2…a big table in the kitchen

3…a dining-room in my flat

4…five pictures in the living –room

5…a carpet in the dining –room

6…two arm-chairs in the living –room

7… a toilet in our flat

8… three bookshelves in the  bedroom                Repeat after teacher








Answer the questions





Come to board and stick the pictures in one of the room.

-It’s a bed. It’s for bedroom.




Check homework

Stage of realization        Task 1  (Appendix 1):

1. Listen to Michelle’s story and write the name of pictures.

What about this story?

Task 2

Mark the sentences T for true, and F for false.

1. Michelle doesn’t love her room.

2. There is a pink carpet on the floor.

3. The dog doesn’t like to play on the carpet.

4. The dog likes to play on the floor.

So, did you guess what about we are going to speak today?

Have you got your room?

In order to speak about our rooms lets study some prepositions of place

Watch the video please.

English Vocabulary – Prepositions


Task 3 Class work (for some pupil -differentiation tasks)

 Teacher shows John' photo

— Children, this is John. He is from England. He wants to tell us about his room. Before reading look at the picture and make a story about John’s room.  Then check.  There is a picture of John’s room





Task 4 –Group work

Make up a poster “My room”   Do the task



P1: About Michelle’s room



Pupils show red card  if it is – False

 Green card  for –True





Ps: about our rooms

-Yes, we are



Ps watch the video about preposition of places (көмекші есімдер)


Some pupils work with worksheets

Pupil’s answer: Hello! My name is John. I have a big house. My room is big and beautiful. There is a clock on the wall and there is a ball under the table. There are 2 pillows on the sofa and there is a lamp between some flowers and a book. My cat sits next to my sofa. I like my room.


Work in a group





                        Мен тақырыпты жақсы    түсіндім және тапсырмасын оңай орындаймын


  Мен тақырыпты дұрыс түсінген жоқпын және тапсырманы орындауда қиналамын


  Мен тақырыпты мүлдем түсінген жоқпын және тапсырма маған қиындық тудырады       Pupils write their emotions about the lesson on the stickers




Последующее задание              “Can do statements”    Appendix 2


Describe your room  (7-8 sentences)


Appendix 1

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